VW Emissions Scandal

As many know, VW is in the middle of a large scandal in which they are going the have to recall 11 million cars with 2.0L TDI engines worldwide.  The fact that a multi-billion dollar corporation like VW would think that cheating on emission in so many vehicles is absolutely ridiculous.  VW has put their clean diesel engines at the front of their advertising campaigns for the past 3 years and has prided themselves on selling reasonably priced, clean diesel vehicles that are extremely environmentally friendly and get great gas mileage.  In fact, VW is the only manufacturer that has a real diesel presence in America because they are the only company that sells reasonably priced diesel cars that make sense to own.  This is also combined with the fact that Americans have not exactly been open to the idea of adopting diesels because diesel fuel averages almost $.50 more per gallon than regular, 87 octane gas.  Diesels also have significantly less horsepower than their gas equivalents.  What will happen to VW is unclear but this scandal is sure to scare of prospective buyers a diesel vehicle and it may be the end of the road for eco-diesel cars in America.

Source = VW Group of America