Sprint Bringing New Plans to Market

Sprint did not end up killing unlimited data entirely.  What they did do however was remove unlimited data from family plans and scrap the Framily plans.  They have moved to a shared data plan like Verizon and AT&T but with double the data for the same price (20GB for family of 4=$160).  They also released a $60 unlimited plan for individuals which competes with T-Mobile’s $80 plan.  As Sprint continues to develop Spark, we will see how they play out with the competition.


Sprint Kills Unlimited Data

Sprint has prided themselves on unlimited data and being the only carrier to offer truly unlimited data. However, this is no longer the case as show on tktechnews.com. A document being sent to Sprint stores has been uncovered showing Sprint’s new Family Share plans which are based on AT&T Mobile Share and Verizon More Everything Plans. This plan allows families to pick the amount of data they want to share among their family. This plan is phasing out Framily and will officially kill off the unlimited data that Sprint has been known for in the past. This is big news and we will see what the reaction is to it in the coming days.

Source=TK Tech News

Sprint, How are they failing?

Sprint has always been know as the 3rd best wireless carrier but with T-Mobile’s uncarrier strategy combined with Sprint’s weak LTE and there awful unlocking policy, there isn’t much reason to stay which is confusing in a couple ways.  As many know, Sprint is developing its Spark network which is a Tri-Band LTE network capible of delivering speeds of up to 1 Gbps.  It is the first network of its kind in the USA because it is an LTE-A TDD network which is not prominent in the USA but is much stronger and more powerful than standard LTE and can provide much faster and more reliable connection.  In the areas that Sprint has released Spark, it delivers great speeds and much better indoor coverage.  On top of that, with good coverage, Sprint’s standard LTE can deliver speeds of up to 30 Mbps down as shown below on the Samsung Galaxy S III.  So no one but themselves can be blamed for their lack of success in the wireless industry. If they create a new unlocking policy and bring Spark to more places in the country, they could become a top player in the wireless industry.


Sprint and T-Mobile, Two very different carriers becoming one

Sprint and T-Mobile are in the middle of negotiating a $32 billion deal in which the 3rd and 4th largest wireless companies in the USA will become one.  This merger is going to give the new company about 100 million subscribers leaving them just behind Verizon and AT&T.  One of the major questions to answer is what will this new company be called?  There are now reports that the company will ditch both the Sprint and T-Mobile branding and take the name SoftBank USA.  SoftBank is the company that owns the majority of Sprint and will be the ones who buy T-Mobile at $40 a share.  This merger could bring big change to the wireless industry and it will be interesting to see how the merger plays out.


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T-Mobile’s New Plans

T-Mobile is sweetening the pot again with their Simple Choice Plans

Currently, their plans stand as Unlimited Talk, Text, and

$50 for 500MB of high-speed data and 500MB of tethering, $60 for 2.5GB high-speed data and 2.5GB of tethering, and $70 for unlimited high-speed data and 2.5GB of tethering.

Starting March 22, T-Mobile plans will become Unlimited Talk, Text, and

$50 for 1GB of high-speed data and 1GB of tethering, $60 for 3GB high-speed data and 3GB of tethering, $70 for 5GB of high-speed data and 5GB of tethering, and $80 for unlimited high-speed data and 5GB of tethering.

T-Mobile is also buying customers out of their contracts which makes them seem even more interesting as they continue to grow and gain customers.