Why are the New England Patriots Constantly Being Screwed by NFL Refs

I may be slightly biased as a fan of the New England Patriots but anyone who watched the Patriots vs. Broncos game last night knows that the referees did not call a fair game.  From the Second Half on, any time the Patriots made any significant yardage gains, the play would be called back due to a penalty.  Even the game commentators began questioning the refs late in the game when the calls began to become absurd.  Perhaps the worst of all the penalties was when Rob Gronkowski received a 10 yard catch late in the 4th quarter for a 1st down but was immediately called back for offensive pass interference.  The replay clearly shows that Gronk hardly even touched the Broncos defensive cover and in no way, “pushed off” him.  This came at a very convenient time for the Broncos who happened to be losing by only 4 points at that time and got the ball back with time left because the penalty forced a 4th down.  The Broncos did get the ball back and marched up field, but the Patriots defense sacked Brock Osweiler for a loss of 8 yards and extremely important to the Patriots holding the lead.  However, the refs called a questionable holding on Patrick Chung of the Patriots defense, and the sack on Osweiler was called back.  The Broncos preceded to score a touchdown and take the lead.  What many did not notice was Evan Mathis (Broncos #69) illegal hands to the face while blocking on the play that put the Broncos ahead.  If this had been called a penalty, the Broncos’ touchdown would have been called back but, conveniently, no flags were thrown.  Even after all this, the Patriots managed to tie it with a field goal and go into overtime.  The first play of overtime was one in which Brady intended to throw to Brandon LaFell but the pass was incomplete because LaFell was hooked by a defensive player for the Broncos.  Again, no call.  All these bad calls helped the Broncos into overtime in which they managed to get out of a few more penalties before finishing the game and winning 30-24.  Did the Broncos deserve that win, Maybe, but it is hard to say yes when they don’t have their starting QB and they are playing the best team in the NFL.  They played terribly all game and then, the refs start calling everything on the Patriots in the 4th and the Broncos manage to tie it up and win the game in OT.  I am not going to go as far as to say that the refs were paid off or that Goodell is up to something, but it would not surprise me if something like that surfaced.  It is clear to most that Goodell is not fond of the Patriots.  When Brady was suspected of deflating footballs in the AFC Championship, Goodell wanted to personally oversee the case and Brady was originally suspended for 4 games on circumstantial evidence.  The NFL had no proof that Brady intentionally did anything wrong but Goodell had Brady suspended for 4 games when, the penalty for a violation of the equipment is only about $6,000.  Is there a connection between the refs bad calls, and Goodell’s hatred of the Patriots, you decide.

VW Emissions Scandal

As many know, VW is in the middle of a large scandal in which they are going the have to recall 11 million cars with 2.0L TDI engines worldwide.  The fact that a multi-billion dollar corporation like VW would think that cheating on emission in so many vehicles is absolutely ridiculous.  VW has put their clean diesel engines at the front of their advertising campaigns for the past 3 years and has prided themselves on selling reasonably priced, clean diesel vehicles that are extremely environmentally friendly and get great gas mileage.  In fact, VW is the only manufacturer that has a real diesel presence in America because they are the only company that sells reasonably priced diesel cars that make sense to own.  This is also combined with the fact that Americans have not exactly been open to the idea of adopting diesels because diesel fuel averages almost $.50 more per gallon than regular, 87 octane gas.  Diesels also have significantly less horsepower than their gas equivalents.  What will happen to VW is unclear but this scandal is sure to scare of prospective buyers a diesel vehicle and it may be the end of the road for eco-diesel cars in America.

Source = VW Group of America